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Home Visiting Quality Standards
Table of Evidence
Parents as Teachers 2013 Quality Standards
Other Resources

ZERO TO THREE - Look, listen, and learn: Reflective supervision and relationship-based work
What Makes Supervision Work: Reflections from The Home Visiting Field
Reflective Supervision: Supporting Reflection as a Cornerstone of Competency

Evidence-Based Practice - The Marriage of Research and Clinical Services
Supporting Home Visitors in Evidence-Based Programs: Experiences of EBHV Grantees
Evidence-based Practice: Myths and Realities
The Science of Early Childhood

Evidence-Based Home Visiting Model Crosswalk
Evidence Based Home Visiting Model Fidelity Crosswalk
(This document is for reference and comparison purposes only between HMG HV Program Standards and Evidence Based Home Visiting Model Fidelity. Refer to OAC 3701-8 Help Me Grow Program Rules for the comprehensive set of Help Me Grow Home Visiting Program requirements. Refer to the Evidence-Based Home Visiting Model’s website and the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness website for more information about model fidelity requirements.)


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