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Why is Home Visiting Important?

High Quality home visiting is a proven strategy that demonstrates achievement or improvement in the following areas:

Birth Outcomes

Pregnant mothers who participated in home visiting had 48% fewer low-weight babies.[3] Low birth weights lead to increased health issues and health-care costs for children throughout their lives.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Families that participated in home visiting services were 50% less likely to be involved with Child Protective Services.[4]

School Readiness and Achievement

Participating children scored 25% higher on first-through-third grade reading and math achievement tests.[5]

Family Self-Sufficiency

Participating mothers were 5 times more likely to be enrolled in an education or training program.[6]

Public Safety

By age 15, first-born children who received home visits during infancy were 48% less likely to be arrested than their peers who did not have home visiting.[7]

These outcomes not only create healthier children, families, and communities, but can also lead to considerable cost savings.

Benefits that Add Up for Everyone

One high-quality home visiting program, over time, saves taxpayers up to $5.70 for every dollar invested.[1]

Another high-quality program generates $3.16 in savings by the time the child turns 7.[2]


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