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Wyandot County Help Me Grow

In the sections below, you can find contact information for your county's Help Me Grow Central Coordination, Help Me Grow Early Intervention and Help Me Grow Home Visiting services. Phone numbers and addresses are available for: the central coordination location where referrals are received; the Help Me Grow contract manager who oversees early intervention services; and the Help Me Grow Home Visiting provider agencies and contract managers which provide and oversee in-home parenting education and other home visiting services to eligible participants.

Central Coordination

Anne Denman
Wyandot County Help Me Grow
137 D South Sandusky Ave. 
Upper Sandusky, OH  43351 
Phone: (800) 686-2313
Fax: (419) 209-0192
Date Updated: 2/4/2013

Help Me Grow Approved Home Visiting Provider(s)

Home Visiting Provider

Wyandot County General Health District
127-A South Sandusky Avenue
Upper Sandusky, OH  43357
Date Updated: 8/5/2013

Contract Manager

Darlene Steward
Wyandot County General Health District
Phone: (419) 294-3852 ext. 227
Date Updated:2/7/2017


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