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Centralized Intake and Referral System

The centralized intake system serves as a single point of entry for access and referral in a local area to family support services. In accordance with ORC 3701.611, the central intake conducts a brief screen with the family regarding their needs and strengths as well as the information necessary for referral. This enables the centralized intake staff to process and refer the family to the most appropriate support service, based on the needs of the family and the availability and requirements of the service. Family support services may include early intervention, home visiting, or other local programs and resources available in each community.

Key Central Intake Components

  • Screening for Need: The central intake system promotes accessibility for families to necessary community based supports. Dedicated to helping families from the moment they contact us, to the time they are referred, the, the central intake staff will assist families and referral sources by determining the services and supports that are best suited for the family’s particular needs. Referral sources may include, but are not limited to parent self referrals or referrals from professionals such as primary care providers, hospitals, child care providers, and other community based organizations. 
  • Public Awareness & Outreach: Centralized intake staff facilitate outreach and engagement targeted to potential referral sources, as well as potential families to be served.

The Benefits of the Centralized Intake System

  1. By providing a single point of entry, central intake promotes maximum access and utilization of available family support programs services for each community;
  2. Assures that families will be linked to the most appropriate services available for them based on needs;
  3. Allows for uniformity across available programs: a uniform intake process, as well as a standardized mechanism for referral follow-up;
  4. Creates a streamlined process for family outreach and recruitment, allowing Early Intervention, Home Visiting and other family support programs to focus efforts on the priority of providing direct services to families;
  5. Promotes collaboration amongst early childhood programs in each community;
  6. Eliminates potential for duplication of services by creating a single point of entry for families.

Central Intake Resources

New! On August 1st, the new statewide Help Me Grow Central Intake and Referral system becomes fully operational and will begin to accept and manage referrals for service. The Departments of Developmental Disabilities and Health have collaborated to ensure the best possible transition, with minimal service disruption to children and families.

Families seeking general information about Help Me Grow or who wish to self-refer may use one of the following options:

  1. Self-refer by calling the toll-free Help Me Grow referral line or local Help Me Grow referral line;

  2. Complete the secure web-based self-referral form.

Community partners including 211s, social service agencies, medical providers may use one of the following options:

  1. Direct the family to self-refer as described above;

  2. Complete the secure web-based referral form on behalf of the family;

  3. Call the toll-free HMG referral line or local HMG referral line on behalf of the family.

Home Visiting Providers or Early Intervention Providers may use one of the following options:

  1. Direct the family to self-refer as described above;

  1. Complete the secure web-referral form on behalf of the family;

  2. Email or Fax completed HEA 8045 or HEA 8021 to the dedicated HEA email or fax line.

Any of the above options will result in an Early Track System Referral and, once eligible, to an Early Track Program Referral, in accordance with current Ohio Administrative Code.

Home Visiting Providers and Early Intervention Providers with general questions about the referral process should direct their questions to their respective contract managers at either the Department of Health or the Department of Developmental Disabilities.

ODH Home Visiting Providers and DODD Early Intervention Contractors with questions about a specific referral in Early Track should open an Early Track Helpdesk Ticket at 

Help Me Grow Central Intake and Referral Resources

Secure Web-Based Referral Form
Help Me Grow Referral Line   (800) 755-GROW (4769)
Local Help Me Grow Referral  Line   (216) 930-3322
    (330) 616-3322
    (419) 665-3322
    (440) 389-3322
    (513) 434-3322
    (614) 656-3322
    (740) 371-3322
    (937) 612-3322
EI 8045 Early Intervention Contractor Self-Referral    
HEA 8021 PCSA Form (pdf)    
HEA 8045 Home Visiting Provider Self-Referral Form    
HEA Fax Line (HEA Forms Only)   (855) 418-3322
HEA Referrals by Email (HEA Forms Only)
Medical Provider/Hospital Secure Fax Line   (855) 318-3322
Provider Troubleshooting Email
Caregiver/Families already receiving services wishing to contact their provider agency   Locate Help Me Grow Home Visiting Providers
    Locate Ohio Early Intervention Service Coordinators

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

This page last updated 8/8/2017