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Home Visiting Community of Practice

The purpose of the Community of Practice Call is to bring together other Early Childhood Home Visitors throughout Ohio and foster an online environment where they will learn from each other and grow more competent and confident in their work.

The Ohio Department of Health believes that effective home visiting practice is rooted in secure, supportive and collaborative relationships between families and community supports. Due to the complexities of home visiting, sharing your successes and challenges are vital to the success of home visiting in our communities. We encourage you to use this forum to share experiences, pose questions, ideas, resources and reflections by emailing us at


Topic     Audio/Webinar
June 2018   Program Changes for SFY19       
May 2018   Adverse Childhood Events       
April 2018    Outreach & Engagement      
March 2018   ODH HV Updates       
January 2018   ODH HV Updates       
September 2017   ODH HV Updates       
July 2017   ODH HV Updates      N/A 
May 2017    Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime      
 March 2017   Women Infant & Children (WIC)
WIC Interagency Referral & Follow-Up Form
February 2017   Data and Documentation      N/A 
 January 2017   State of Home Visiting Address      N/A 
September 2016   State-level Updates/Changes to the Data Collection      
August 2016  

 Michelle Clark, Reproductive Life Planning

 July 2016    Elizabeth Pafford and Updates      N/A
 June 2016    June Updates      N/A
 May 2016          
 April 2016    Cancelled      N/A
 March 2016    March Updates      
 February 2016    HV Updates
HV Regions
 November 2015   Safe-Sleep and Home Visiting       
 September 2015   HV Updates
HV Consultant Map
Infant Mortality Reduction Plan
 August 2015  

Family Engagement & Retention
Marion County

 July 2015   Measuring Success     



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